Jahonts Friends Club

Jahonts has developed its own loyalty program, where it offers its regular customers a -30% discount on ALL jewelry, congratulating you on the holiday. This discount can be used 15 days before and 15 days after the date of birthday, for a total of 30 days. In addition, we want to make you happy on two other special holidays of your choice (your name day, child’s birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.). Any special holiday dates for you personally, so you can buy the most beautiful gifts from us. On these additional special dates, the same discount of -30% is valid for ALL products within 30 days, identical to your birthday. Become our loyal customer and receive an additional 5% discount on any existing promotion or current discount. You will receive quarterly special news from the world of jewelry, where we will offer unique and high-quality news for your inspiration. To become our regular customer, you must fill in the questionnaire, indicating your contacts and special dates, so that we can find the most suitable for any of our stores in the Baltics!